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‘Ophelia Circus’ aims to portray the secrets that exist in dark corners. The quiet ebbs and flows in our streets, our houses, and our public places often pass by unnoticed and unrecorded. Ophelia explores these unseen existences with a keen eye. Taking the thread of an idea, she unpicks its narratives from the surroundings it belongs to, for those that are curious enough to embrace its story.'

'Ophelia Circus' exists to explore the impact of unusual sites in theatre and performance, particularly in topics that relate to marginalised and hidden aspects of society. The initiative has developed from the work of Alice Johnson, which began with her studies in her Masters degree in Contemporary Theatre in 2010. Inspired by a world of one to one performances, site specific work and new practices, she became interested in particular in work relating to different locations, and the impact that sites can have on audience and performance. This combined with ten years of study and work in youth work and social policy, four of which within the charity sector, has sparked an interest in exploring hidden issues in society in a creative and challenging way. After exploring the subject of site-related work extensively in her research, she developed 'Ophelia Circus', which seeks to work with others to develop innovative performances in relation to different sites.

Press releases

Theatre Production Lifts the Curtain on the Stories of Sex Trafficked Women

The issue of sex trafficking will be explored in a new contemporary play, which involves audiences walking around a representation of a brothel.... read more

09.08.2012 • By Ophelia Circus